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The Riot Starter Chat

Jun 15, 2018

Are you tired of doing the same thing day after day, year after year?  Have you fallen out of love with your business or your career? Maybe, just maybe your hit an all-time low and haven’t been able to pivot or in chip up (as we say in golf).

Perhaps it’s time to reinvent yourself? What are you waiting for?

Vera Dragilyova stated, “I continuously change my mind and reinvent myself, the way that compound interest works.  And not on a whim or without reason, but quite on the contrary--because the changing environment offers so many reasons to change in reaction. I am a project manager of me and my life, and the strategy is constantly micro-modified, with small and drastic changes, as the new information comes in. 

SO, are you ready to REINVENT?

Our guest today built a $10 million real estate fortune, lost it and reinvented his life.

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