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The Riot Starter Chat

May 29, 2017

Riot Starters, Moms are special people so in memory of my Mom, this month I am highlighting and celebrating amazing moms who are showing up boldly, making a difference at home and in the world; be it in business, career, volunteer or advocate. We will be chatting about balance, purpose, and legacy lessons.

Our guest today is Jennifer Shephard Lester psychotherapist and certified life coach, child advocate, entrepreneur, and motivational speaker. For more than 15 years, Jennifer has been a leader in behavioral change.

Mogul Mommy Jennifer Shepard Lester, CEO, Executive Director, Pyschoterapist, Podcaster, and author Connect with Jennifer by visiting her website where you can subscribe to her AMAZING newsletter full of goodies while connecting to her on social media and subscribe to her podcast. While you’re there pick up a copy of her book, 14 Ways to Find Your Amazing: When Passion and Purpose Collide